Kristina Gulley is not a career politician; nor was she recruited to run for this position. She is a progressive activist whose collaborative work with others has aided in her passion for serving. It is well known that she has desired to run for JP District #10 for years. She is no stranger to residents in District #10. On any given day, you will find her volunteering at a fundraising event, in a local school or working on a community project with local residents even on projects outside Pulaski County. Kristina is a hard worker. She will do her due diligence researching the issues or any problems her constituents may have that falls under county government jurisdiction. If elected to the position, Kristina’s first order of business will be to continue educating herself on the county ordinances by reading and collaborating with the county attorney and her colleagues on the quorum court. 

“Voters want an elected official who is competent, confident and honest. They want an elected official who is gonna keep it real 365 days a year not only during an election cycle.”


   Pulaski County has fifteen Justices of the Peace’s (JP’s). JP’s are elected to serve two terms from single districts based on apportionment. The Justices of the Peace’s serves as a member on the Pulaski County Quorum Court. This court serves as the legislative body for Pulaski County Government not that of our local surrounding cities. These fifteen JP’s serves as the voice for over 380,000 residents in the county. Justices of the Peace’s, are not the same as City Council members they do not manage the budget nor do they create any laws or oversee any projects within the city jurisdiction. 

   A Justice of the Peace duties are not just limited to performing marriage ceremonies. As a member of the Quorum Court Justice of the Peace’s works collaboratively with the County Administrator (Judge) to oversee the following services: Public Works, Road and Bridge, Regional Solid Waste, Community Services, Youth Services, Animal control, Coroner, Election Commission, Sheriff Department, County Clerk, Assessor, Prosecuting Attorney Office, County Jail, Sanitation and more... 


If elected to serve as JP in District #10, Kristina’s priorities will be: 

● Recreational Activities for Youth and Adult 

● Community Engagement, 

● Road and Drainage Improvements, 

● Better Living Wages/Spousal Benefits for Sheriff    Deputies and all county government employees 

● Increase Public Safety, 

● Clean Neighborhoods, 

● Making County Government More Transparent and Accountable. 


ADS/GRAPHICS/Photography/Marketing PAID for by The Committee to Elect Kristina "KG" Gulley for Justice of the Peace, District 10 (Section 200 (m)

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